Welcome Mass. Chiefs

CueHit provides the tools to engage your community, solicit citizen feedback, and improve officer morale - from the smallest towns to the largest cities in the state.
Special pricing for Mass Chiefs starting at $1,000 per year for your agency.

Simple text surveys to reach the community

We believe most cops do a great job, and most citizens appreciate the service they get from the police. We just never had the data to show it until now. CueHit departments are seeing greater than 55% response rates to the surveys they send.

Citizen Positive Satisfaction Score

Quantify your engagement. CueHit agencies are seeing higher than 90% positive satisfaction ratings from their communities.

Positive Feedback Board for Officers

Boost officer morale. Positive comments are automatically posted to a feedback board and sent to individual officers in weekly email digests.

Text the Chief

Listen to your community. A direct line to the head of the department using an automated conversation bot configured by the Chief to solicit feedback, complaints or concerns from the community.

How it Works

We connect to your CAD and RMS to power the rules of when surveys are sent

Find out more

Contact Jordan Burns the Massachusetts CueHit Advisor for a quick 15 minute discussion about becoming a pilot agency

Call (386) 848-3412 or Email jburns@cuehit.com